Friday, July 25, 2014

They're growing!

It's been just over a week and the pups are thriving.  A bout with Mastitis that was caught early frustrated all for a couple of days with supplemental feeding, but that passed.  Pups are starting to get their feet under them a bit.  It is amazing how fast they grow and how strong they are even at this tender age.

Tough Labor

It's been a tough couple of days for everyone, Scarlet, Pups and of course Janet and me.  Delivery was finalized in an emergency c-section due to a uterine torsion during the delivery of the first pup.  Unfortunately that pup did not survive whelp, but thank to the efforts of Dr. Metzler, the staff at Orangevale Veterinary Hospital and a Visa card that held up to the heat, 9 pups and Scarlet survived.  5 Males and 4 Females.

She's definitely pregnant

Oh my....  
X-rays reveal she has at least 10 pups.  

Willowynd's Scarlet Letter was bred to Willowynd's Just one Leuc, SH

We have been breeding towards a merge of our two lines - Rebel Rouser on One side, Jack Daniels on the other.  This is the culmination of several generations of breeding with that goal in mind.